The walk to Galilee.

The walk to Galilee.

Barmaid replenishes us with beer, sausage, and kindness.
Indiscreet freedom camp.
Dogs howl.

Forests and flowers warm our souls.
Lumpy pasture.
Dogs howl (some more).

Nahal Dishon canyon walls enchant and challenge.
Dilapidated kibbutz dorm.
Heater hums.

Hyrax cascade through boulders.
Inedible couscous.
Artillery thunders.

Trail transforms to waterfall.
Unstable hostess.
Sensibilities recoil.

Nahal Amud reaches for our thighs.
Clean hostel.
Building breathes.

Dan to Migdal
February 22-27, 2019
112 km | Ascent 2,735 m | Descent 2,699m