Day 3, 119 words

Day 3, 119 words

Ras Gahreb to El Gouna, 138 km

At 5:30 in the morning the call to prayer speakers started blasting. Geez. It’s like living next door to the worst neighbour in the universe.

The stray cats looked on as we stood in an alleyway scarfing down warm porridge rags of our ride.

Lots more tailwind today. Hence, another short day, done by noon. Terrain was similar, following the Red Sea coast, alongside pipelines and petroleum facilities of some kind or other.

Sadly, Bernd crashed today and is in hospital tonight with some tough injuries.

Arrived midday at El Gouna resort and the comfort of a proper hotel, pool and bar surrounded by golf courses and artificial lakes in the midst of the desert.

Time for a beer.