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2,001,310 Steps (1,528 km)

Wanganui to Paradise on a Hillside B&B

I set out from Wanganui at a blistering pace. Literally in this case.

Part of the whole “bounce box” game is the need to repost the box when you are done with it. Because of post office hours, after picking up my bounce box Continue reading..

2,096,922 Steps (1,601 km)

The Tararuas: Paradise on a Hillside to Waikenau

I just looked up, and there it was. I found my spirit in the alpine.

The Tararuas were causing me a bit of anxiety. They are a range of mountains on the southwest coast of the North Island and they had developed a certain reputation. Continue reading..

2,208,251 Steps (1,686 km)

Waikenau to Island Bay

This is the end and the beginning. These last few kilometres of the North Island represent the midlife in the journey: that place that is beyond the halfway point, where figurative milestones present themselves, where lessons have been learned Continue reading..

2,879,466 Steps (2,156 km)

Towards Arthur’s Pass: Boyle Village to Bealey River

The path to enlightenment is riddled with injury, exhaustion, bugs, rodents, dead livestock and bags of urine. I passed through an emotional and physical tunnel this leg Continue reading..

3,424,000 Steps (2,568 km)

Washdyke Stream to Albert Town

I found my balance in the darkness before dawn, perched on a ridge 950 metres above Lake Hawea. With dawn came a new day, an understanding of my challenge and an affirming resolution Continue reading..

3,561,333 Steps (2,671 km)

Albert Town to Queenstown

My plan to the finish involves changing the plan until the finish. To ensure I have enough food and a decent place to sleep each night demands a certain amount of preparation. At this stage of the journey, however, I am leaving the fate of my schedule to circumstance Continue reading..