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132,546 Steps (101 km)

Cape Reinga to Ahipara 

Today I had bacon and eggs. Four eggs and an entire packet of bacon. Something to do with an extraordinary craving for protein. Nutella and peanut butter get you so far, but Continue reading..

514,436 Steps (393 km)

I am down with whatever. Taking it as it comes and being rewarded every day summarizes the experiences of the past week. It appears that the best way to manage expectations is to simply not have any.

In contrast to prior days of this trek Continue reading..

776,235 Steps (593 km)

Ebbs, flows and the spaces in between. A natural rhythm has set itself into the past eight days: ebbs and flows in pace, people, terrain, expectation, contemplation, accommodation and, yes, tides. There are times when life Continue reading..

933,857 Steps (713 km)

I flew a plane today. Not for long and not at all well. But I did fly a plane. Today (December 1) was, like most days, an unplanned experience. Well, it was planned as something otherwise and then turned into skimming the surf 300 ft above the Tasman Sea Continue reading..

1,118,331 Steps (905 km)

From Hamilton to Te Kuiti, December 6-9, 2014

I was electrocuted 17 times in the past 4 days. Got charged by a bull. Broke another walking stick. My shoes are toast. Lost my pocketknife.  I lost my maps. Oh yeah, one day I ran out of water. Continue reading..

1,372,626 Steps (1,048 km)

But I’ma make your b*tch ass holla
Cause I’ma put a hole in your head
The size of a half a dolla
(F*ck around and get your cap peeled cause this is)
Die muthaf*cka, die muthaf*cka (kill)

– Still, Geto Boys

There is supposed to be a get for the give. Continue reading..

1,791,749 Steps (1,368 km)

National Park to Wanganui

I am going full hobo. I no longer have need for a can opener and I now have use for my harmonica.

This stretch of the journey has been a lesson in resourcefulness, generousity, patience and consideration. Continue reading..