933,857 Steps (713 km)

Auckland to Mercer I flew a plane today. Not for long, and not well. But I did fly a plane. Today (December 1) was, like most recent days, an unplanned experience. Well, it was planned as something otherwise and then turned into skimming the surf 300 ft above┬áthe Tasman Sea, yards from the cliffs north […]

776,235 Steps (593 km)

Reotani to Auckland Ebbs, flows and the spaces in between.  A rhythm has set itself into the past eight days: ebbs and flows in pace, people, terrain, expectation, contemplation, accommodation and, yes, tides. There are times when life gets ahead of us, and there are times when we get ahead of life. Neither is a terribly happy place if we […]

290,026 Steps (221 km)

Ahipara to Kerikeri Some people are so poor all they have is money. These are the words carefully lettered onto the back of what I am calling the Whangarei Hilton. Let me explain. On November 5th I departed Apihara in the early morning to begin my four day trek through “the forests” across the island […]

132,546 Steps (101 km)

Cape Reinga to Ahipara  Today I had bacon and eggs. Four eggs and an entire packet of bacon. Something to do with an extraordinary craving for protein. Nutella and peanut butter get you so far, but protein helps with muscle recovery and I sorely require just that. I am also halfway through a six pack […]